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Take a look at our Gifted and Talented web site for further information {click here}, or view a summary by downloading the document opposite.

Gifted and Talented

Who are our Gifted and Talented pupils? We look for:

  • Those who show an exceptional ability. This might be in a curriculum area such as mathematics, music, art or sport; or be a less easily acknowledged talent such as leadership, creative imagination or social maturity.
  • Those students who possess a general academic learning ability that is significantly greater than that of most of their peers.

We use Bloom's Taxonomy and the Six Thinking Hats tools to help in informing our decision and managing our Gifted and Talented students.

Further to this, students may display exceptional abilities in a wide number of areas. They may also grow in their abilities and thus begin to show greater talents and ability during their time in the school.

How do we develop our Gifted and Talented pupils? Through ‘Stretch and Challenge’ in lessons as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities and projects, designed to develop their individual skill set.  

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