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Whether you needs are sporting, conference or creative, we hope we can accommodate you.

Sports Facilities

Neatherd’s 3g Pitch
'THE ARENA' Our versatile, multi-sport 3g (or third generation) pitch is the result of extensive research into the most authentic surface available, whilst fulfilling the requirements of the highest standards demanded by professional football. You can view the flyer here, and the User's Rules here.

Photos of The Arena can be viewed from our facebook page.

Sports Hall (approximate dimensions 20m x 15m)*

Gymnasium (approximate dimensions 15m x 8m)


Sports fields

Canteen (approximate dimensions 15m x 12m)

Tennis/Netball courts

Drama Studio (with wooden floor)

Conference Room with projector and interactive whiteboard, Modern Classrooms and ICT Suites

For further information, take a look at our Hirers' Brochure; to make a booking, use this form. The current hire prices can be viewed here.  3G pitch prices are £70 per hour for the full pitch. If you wish to hire part of the pitch, please contact the school.

Your point of contact at the school is Terry Brunton, School Bursar, who can be contacted on comms@neatherd.org

* Our facilities are generally available for a large percentage of the year. If a school event is taking place (for example, an Open Evening in the Sports Hall), we endeavour to offer an alternative venue for your event. Please note that the Hall is used for examination purposes for two weeks at the beginning of December, and for the whole of May and June.

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Neatherd Hi! Issue 39

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