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We want all our students to feel safe and happy and we have a strong team to help and support students throughout their time at Neatherd.

Each year group has its own Head of Year, who, along with the students’ form tutors, is available for students and their parents to contact if they have any general worries or concerns.

Head of Lower School (Years 7 and 8) and Head of Upper School (Years 9, 10 and 11) are available to support and guide students, making sure they achieve their best in all subjects and that they grow into confident, happy young people.

A vital part of our work and encouragement of students is the reward system. Rewards are given when students achieve in any area of school life, including behaviour, attendance, academic, sporting, artistic and active citizenship. See the information at the bottom for a summary of the rewards we have.

Our senior pupils are also part of our student development  team. Prefects, who wear a red tie, help the school run smoothly in many ways including helping younger students. Our Year 9 peer mentors work with new students in Year 7 on issues such as organisation and making friends in a new school. The School Council is a visible force in the school; it organises our annual Summer Fete and gives the leadership team an important point of view in the school...that of the students.

All students are part of our Behaviour for Learning Programme which promotes positive behaviour and respect. When things go wrong we help students to get things right so every students has a fulfilling and successful education.

Students have one form time a day with their tutor and regular assemblies which help create a school community with a positive ethos founded on respect and responsibility.

Rewards System – The Neatherd Raffle!

Every four weeks we have a raffle in assembly where Chapelfield Gift Vouchers can be won: one £10 voucher and two £5 vouchers. To be entered into the raffle students need to gain the following rewards for good effort/work:

House Points:
Awarded for work/effort. 25 house points = 1 raffle ticket. For more house points students receive certificates, badges, medals and trophies.
Congratulations Postcards:
For special classwork or behaviour. Worth 25 house points.
Star of the Week:
For whichever student has excelled themselves in effort, behaviour, participation rate etc. Every teacher nominates a student weekly. Worth 25 house points.
Certificate of Merit:
For outstanding service to the school community or particularly good quality work. Worth 25 house points.
Excellence Certificates:
For work that is of outstanding quality for the set. Signed by the Headteacher. Worth 50 house points.

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