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Summer School gives new Year 7 pupils a head start for school year! 9 brand new Year 7 pupils of Dereham Neatherd High School got a head start for the new school year when they completed a week of Summer school at the end of the summer holidays.

The boys and girls who will be joining their new school “properly” on Thursday engaged in fun activities based around the topic of travel and holidays.

In PE they got to try out international games like “Danish Longball” from countries around the world. Measuring temperatures and working out travel distances to different holiday destinations was on the lesson plan for Maths and in English the young explorers had to describe a variety of beach resorts in the most creative way possible. Drama and Dance routines from around the globe and exciting pattern work in Textiles rounded the activities off.
One day of Summer School was spent at the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich where the pupils not only learned about the different exhibits, but also had the chance to create installations of their own favourite holiday destinations in an artist led workshop.

“The step from Primary School to High School can be daunting for many children”, says Assistant Headteacher Jaime Mallett who co-ordinated the Summer School. “This week gives them the opportunity to get to know the school and some of the teachers, this boosts their confidence and makes the start at ‘big school’ much smoother.”

“Summer School was amazing, I liked all the subjects we were doing”, says Shannon Osborne,"our start at school will be so much easier now”.

“I found Drama and Dance, but also English and Maths really cool”, says Joselean Tye and Isabel Norris’ verdict was: “I loved this week, I especially enjoyed the Street Dance, I have also made lots of new friends and really look forward to starting school at Neatherd”.

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