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08.06.11 Drama Trip to WARHORSE


As an integral part of the Year 10 and 11 specifications for GCSE Drama, we are arranging a trip to the New London Theatre, London. We will be seeing an outstanding performance of ‘Warhorse’ – a moving play about a boy and his horse in the War. The purpose of this visit is to enhance pupils’ understanding of live theatre and also to enable them to complete an essential component of their examination based on the play text.

We ask for a parental contribution of £34.00 per pupil towards the cost of tickets and transport. This should be handed in to Mrs Lovelock in the Payment Collections Room (outside ICT4) before school or during morning break any day except Wednesday, between Tuesday 3rd May and Friday 13th May. Cheques should be made payable to Dereham Neatherd High School.

In response to LEA guidelines regarding Educational Visits and Journeys, we are enclosing a Personal Information and Parental Consent Form which must be completed and returned along with your payment to Mrs. Lovelock. Please note that without this your son/daughter will not be able to take part in this trip.
Would you also please ensure that your son/daughter brings a change of suitable clothing on the day for whatever the weather has to offer - school uniform is not required for visit. As this is a half day trip with coaches leaving school at 2.30pm and returning to school by approximately 1.15am, pupils must be in uniform until the end of period 4 when they will be allowed to change. The coach will make a stop at a service station where pupils can eat their evening meal. Pupils should either bring money in order to purchase hot food or they can bring a packed tea.
Please note pupils on this trip are expected to be in school on Thursday 9th June 2011.
If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely


R Harris
Teacher of Drama and Dance

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