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Revision Links

Subject Websites
Business Studies SAM Learning Podcasts (AQA GCSE) (units 1 and 2) (highlights GCSE ones)
Computer Science BBC Bitesize and
Child Development › GCSE › Home Economics: Child Development
Geography Department website is probably the most useful and relevant -

Other useful websites include:
Some relevant things on the GCSE Bitesize website, but this is not specific to the Edexcel B specification -
GCSE PE  for past GCSE PE papers and their mark schemes.
Hospitality & Catering  revision app available on Google Play and iTunes

Unit 1 - Crime and Punishment - Brilliant in depth overview guide. - range of video clips on BBC Bitesize – another good revision guide with some exam tips – Great exam technique video, look for the other linked ones!


Unit 2 – Germany 1919-45 – The excellent Spartacus site, with a HUGE range of different areas examined. – Propaganda archive, brilliant for showing the developing use of different types of propaganda. – Examination of the problems facing the Weimar Republic 1919-23. – Biography of Gustav Stresemann. – How the Wall St crash helped the Nazi rise to power. – Women in Nazi Germany – Overview of the Hitler Youth movement. – How the Nazis used education to help their rule. – How propaganda was used by the Nazis. – Overview of the developing and changing treatment of the Jews under the Nazis.

Unit 3 – Protest in the 20th Century

Suffragettes – Overview of the suffragettes and what they wanted. – How the Suffragette movement developed. – Lots of great interviews with those who fought for Women to get the vote.

General Strike – Overview of the 1926 General strike, with many primary sources. – Chronology of the strike.

Miners’ Strike – Photographs showing the 1984/5 Miners’ Strike. – Overview of the strike, written 20 years later. – Union website examining the 1984/5 strikes.

Poll Tax Riots – BBC report about the Poll Tax Riots. – Article written 20 years after the riots examining the impact of the riots.

Unit 4 – CA Vietnam – Great site offering an overview of the war. – An overview of the Vietnam war through photographs. – Very detailed overview of the war and how it progressed. – Overview of the war, with a good section examining Guerrilla warfare. – Detailed overview of the protest movement. – Overview of the different types of protest that took place. – Protest movement. – Public opinion about the war, supported with statistics.

Maths MyMaths
Maths Watch VLE – pupils have logins, but due to be updated asap.
GCSE Bitesize
Kesh Maths
Media WJEC provided resources:
This is also saved the resources and the link into  CX- Media Studies- revision yr11.
Media Edu website:
This can be used  to find resources on exam topic: Film trailers (section A) and film posters (section B)
MFL (been given username/password from teacher) ALSO: if you search for GCSE Spanish/ GCSE French on the App Store (if you have a tablet or smartphone at the house), you can download a free vocab revision application. There are also ones that you have to pay for. Highly recommend getting one of these.  
Resistant Materials BBC bitesize - there are two websites:
1. The new one (the first one which comes up on a google search) - mostly videos. Some of them are useful.
2. The better site is the old one (which is the second on the list of google search), this has revision, plus an activity and then questions on lots of different aspects of Resistant Materials.
3. This You tube channel is also good for revision.
Still the best for concise revision, even some cool games to play at home!
You need to register for this website and the resources are not as specific to our syllabus, AQA, as some websites, but it is still worth a look.
Need centre ID, User ID and password to access; very useful!
Good for chemists.
Worth a look. videos on you tube.
As the name suggests, tutorials on you tube.
Textiles - they have a phone app which is about £1.99 – fires 100 questions to the student.