Dereham Neatherd High School

Dereham Neatherd High School

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Homework is a compulsory part of our learning experience at Neatherd. It prepares students for the rigours needed to do well in their examination courses. There are two main types of homework in our school.

In Key Stage 3 we have independent learning assignments in several subjects which build the students’ capacity to plan large pieces of work and manage their time. These assignments, or ‘projects’ can include a wide variety of skills and activities and help enrich the learning done in the lessons. Deadlines and resources for the assignments are published on the school homework website and on individual department websites.

Students also undertake more regular homework tasks in core subjects to consolidate and revise lesson topics. These are not published online, however students are asked to record this information in their planners so parents can check for the tasks that have been set.

In Key Stage 4, homework is an integral part of GCSE courses. Successful students not only do the homework set by their teachers, but also read around their topics and research in further detail. We have several online homework websites to which our students are subscribed accounts. These include Sam Learning, MyMaths, GCSEPod and Kerboodle.

Parents with any homework queries or concerns are encouraged to contact us via the homework website.