Dereham Neatherd High School

Dereham Neatherd High School

Traditional, Inclusive, Supportive


Head of House: Miss Cross

The student chosen mottos for Cavell house are ‘strength in the face of difficulty’ and ‘keep calm and Cavell on’. This is because our house is named after someone who definitely showed strength when she was working as a nurse in World War One. It’s this courage and kindness that is encouraged in our house. As said by Cavell/RHA “Cavell is a caring house”. We participate in lots of fundraising and other school events, such as the shoebox appeal, the food bank appeal, Roald Dahl quiz, various cook-offs and the textiles competition. I am very proud of how students in my house get involved, even if it’s just collecting housepoints to go towards our total. We have very gifted students in our house and it was an honour when they won Sports Day last year, the football cup and the house cup. We also have some excellent student leaders in our house – our House Captain James Kimber, vice-House Captain Sophie Ebbage and we also have the Head Boy in our house – Harrison Matwij. We also have a committed team of prefects, house forum reps and form captains.

The Cavell tutors work extremely hard to mentor the students in their form, as well as encouraging them academically but also in extra-curricular activities. They also help instil the caring nature of our house by encouraging different year groups to help each other.

Last year I took around 40 students to The Forum in Norwich for a special exhibition about Edith Cavell as October marks 100 years since she was executed for being a spy, as she helped both sides in World War One. We also held an exhibition at school, which was a big success amongst students.

For the upcoming year we have lots of hopes and goals. We want to work at getting even more people involved in school activities, such as charity week and the various competitions.

I really love being Head of Cavell House, wearing my blue badge with pride, and I hope the next year will be as exciting as this.