Dereham Neatherd High School

Dereham Neatherd High School

A Specialist Language College


Carter Cavell Fry Kett

At Neatherd we have used a Vertical House System since the end of acdemic year 2013/14. This means that students are divided into four houses - Carter, Cavell, Fry and Kett. These names were chosen following a pupil consultation and represent people of local interest. We explore what these people achieved and/or stood for in assemblies and in form-time.

Form-groups are made up of four or five students from each year group. We use a vertical system because we believe that it helps break down barriers between students and allows for a more natural, less forced form of mentoring between them.  It also allows form tutors to focus on supporting the needs of key students at crunch times - for example - they have a small amount of Year 7s to look after at the start of September, a few Year 11s around Mock Exams, a few Year 9s around Options etc.  We surveyed our students about the changes in December 2014 and the response was generally very positive with 77% of students feeling that it had been a positive change.